Can Reducing Plate Size Affect Obesity in Children?

A surprisingly good parenting tip

Full article from TIME magazine:
A study published in the journal Pediatrics discloses that Temple University researchers reduced the calories children consumed just by giving them smaller plates.

Childhood obesity is rampant in the US. We super-size everything. However, the incidence of diabetes and heart disease among children has increased dramatically with increasing rates of obesity.

Since prior studies found that adults using smaller bowls and spoons helped diminish food intake, the Temple scientists decided to investigate if using smaller plates helped fight the growing problem with childhood obesity.

The researchers found that when given adult-size dinner plates, the children served themselves larger portions of food. The larger portions resulted in nearly 50 percent of the extra calories they had put on their plates. According to the study, 80 percent of the kids served themselves 90 calories more at lunch when using the adult-sized plates.

“This provides new evidence that children’s self-served portion sizes are influenced by size-related facets of their eating environments, which, in turn, may influence children’s energy intake,” the authors wrote in the Pediatrics.

As the famous chef Julia Child (who lived to be 92 eating highly calorie food) noted, it’s all about portion control and moderation.

Full article from TIME magazine:

Size Matters: Smaller Dishes Could Cut Childhood Obesity |