Aging and Cognitive Decline

Aging and Cognitive Decline
Can omega 3 fish oil help?

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As we age or watch our parents age, we commonly see memory loss, and lower cognitive function. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are common — almost everyone knows or is related to someone who is afflicted.

A report published on June 20, 2014 in the Journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia describes a protective effect when using fish oil supplementation. The protective effect actually allows older men and women to preserve brain volume and cognitive function.

The study spanned five years and included 193 Alzheimer’s disease patients, 397 individuals with mild cognitive impairment and 229 cognitively normal individuals. The older men and women who used fish oil had better scores of cognitive function at any time over the course of the study.

What can we take away from this research? It’s preliminary and we need more studies, but this study validates previous research on fish oil supplementation. Will it cure dementia or Alzheimer’s? No. Is there a chance that it will assist us in maintaining brain function? Yes. Is it inexpensive? Yes. Is it worth using? You must decide.

Previous research has also shown a positive effect for brain function of ADHD children. Again, not a cure, but it may help.

Exercise and diet do play significant roles in brain health. One cannot forget those as well.