Does Your Cereal Cause ADHD?

A bombshell of a book says YES!

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Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain, says that
grains can cause ADHD, dementia, depression, and headaches.The Florida based neurologist has skyrocketed to the New York Times bestseller list.

Perlmutter asserts that carbs are the enemy. This opinion has been espoused before by Dr. Atkins and others who have made a lot of money on diets associated with carb reduction. But Dr. Perlmutter goes further than Atkins; he also asserts that every time you eat a slice of bread, eat a bowl of pasta or cereal, you are killing your brain. He calls wheat, carbohydrates and sugar “the brain’s silent killer.”

Gluten free diets have made claims about damaging effects to the body. But Dr. Perlmutter’s claims exceed simple damaging effects and include mental disorders like anxiety and ADHD. He also claims that the human requirement for dietary carbs is “none – none whatsoever.”

To optimize brain performance and lead a healthier life, Perlmutter is quite similar to Atkins in recommending a fat-rich, low-carb diet. By omitting carbs and eating good fats like omega 3s, Perlmutter asserts that one can effectively improve one’s brain health. He advocates eating salmon, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and some cheeses. Contrary to the government recommended food pyramid, Perlmutter suggests excluding sugar, gluten, and of course grains such as wheat, oats, rye, and barley.

Perlmutter differentiates himself from Atkins by saying that all
fats are not necessarily good; grain fed meets are full of omega-6 trans fats which are not good for us because they tend to interfere with the health benefits of omega−3 fats. Dr. Perlmutter suggests that we eat grass fed meats, free range fowl, and fish that are wild caught.